Send by WhatsApp

Current Limitations

  • No Photo Attachments
  • Must re-select contact for each message
  • Need to manually get back to reach app after each message

Due to WhatsApp restrictions and API limitations, we cannot automate it as we did with Messages or Mail app. So additional steps are required for each sent message

If you would like to help us enable seamless integration, please send an e-mail to and ask them to enable API for 3rd party developers

How to Send

  • Make sure to select "WhatsApp" in Send With field of the Contact settings (in Groups screen)
  • When sending a message and the WhatsApp contact comes up, you will see a popup. Important: Remember the name of the contact that appears in this popup
  • Tap Open WhatsApp
  • Select the contact in WhatsApp (The same name as you saw in the popup)
  • Tap Send and you will see the prewritten message
  • Tap Send again
  • To return to the reach app Tap reach in the top left corner of the screen or press Home button on the iPhone and launch reach app again