Reach all your contacts with a simple • fast • personal mass text

"My productivity has gone through the roof"

-AppStore Review by Dan Weik

"Works well, saves time and money!"

-AppStore Review by TennismanTN

"The best choice for mass texting."

-AppStore Review by Niblow coats

Message Templates

Save time. No more copy/paste.

Personalize each message with the recipient's name to achieve more responses and increased engagement.

Private messages, not groups

reach does not send the messages as a group message. It sends a private message to each person instead and does not expose each contact information to the other contacts in the group.

Send with your own cellular plan

reach does not charge you for texts. You can send free unlimited texts if your plan allows it. Reach also supports iMessage recipients, Email, WhatsApp, and Google Voice.

* Reach does not charge you for sending the text messages. However, your regular cellular provider rates apply. Most service plans in the U.S. include unlimited texting. Please check with your service provider if you have unlimited texting in your service plan.