How to Increase the Productivity of Mass Messaging

Everyone gets excited about adding their friends to a group message for the purpose of communicating, sharing experiences, sending pictures, scheduling reunions, etc. Normally within these groups, all the people involved know each other very well, and communicate often with each other. Outside of this ideal premise though, there are group messages formed that are for other purposes, such as FYI, holiday greetings, an invite, clients outreach, etc. yet for the lack of a better platform, the informal group texting app is used instead. Reach is a new app on the market that helps in these situations. Reach sends group messages in a personal form. Meaning, once the group is created in the app and the contacts are added, the message is written once and then its sent to all the recipients as an individual and personal message addressed by their name. Reach protects the privacy of the group contact info, doesn’t require the recipients to have the app in order to read the messages, increases reply rates, and reduces the tedious scrolling of unnecessary chatter, and annoying notifications.

One disadvantage in most group texting apps is privacy. Most group texting apps or some mass texting apps expose the group contacts info to each other. Many times contacts who are added to a group don’t know each other. For some, it might not be a big deal, but people who prefer privacy just lost theirs. In addition, some apps that don’t claim privacy protection, have the ability to sell contacts and their information to third party groups for marketing and data collection purposes. Thats how you suddenly start receiving texts from all kind of sources that are irrelevant. In a world where privacy is being threatened, it becomes highly appreciated. Reach group texting app protects your privacy and the privacy of your contacts. Their info will not be exposed to other contacts or members of the same groups.

Another issue is to communicate to all recipients, they must have the same platform, but its unmannerly to mandate that everyone do that. Solving this by catering to every contact using their own favorite group texting app will simply take too much time and too much memory from the phone.

Reach is a better option to send mass texts or group messages. Reach doesn’t require the recipients to have the app, because Reach uses the iPhone’s native iMessage and Mail apps to send the message to contacts. Not only that, but Reach also caters to many other platforms, that means if one recipient desires to receive messages via email, but another through text, and yet another through WhatsApp, Reach will send to all these all at the same time, with just a few taps.

Statistically, the reply rate of an individual message is considerably higher than the reply rate of a group message with many contacts. Reach is unique because its a personalized group messaging app. It has the element of group texting in the way that the message is formed, but it also has the personalized element in the way its sent. The message is written once, then simply and with a few taps, it sends the message individually addressing the contact by name. When the recipient receives the message addressed to them, they are more compelled to reply. And since Reach uses iPhone’s native iMessage, then the conversation can be carried on there.

Using a group texting app is a great thing especially among friends who all communicate regularly, but when it comes to a busy person, a leader, a teacher, a holiday greeter, an inviter, a friend with too much on hand, etc, time is too valuable for chatter. Everyone knows that in a group message there is always that contact who will talk about everything else but the subject at hand, and it may be unintentionally, but it makes the scrolling up and down process on the screen to look for replies or what others say such a tedious task. Many times, people simply want to send their message across clean and clear, without unnecessary distractions. This way they get their replies personally and clearly. Thats what is so great about Reach. It helps you avoid wasting valuable time and focus on what is important in your life.

The last issue I'm going to regard might not be as big of a deal to some but it is to others, and it is the amount of notifications a group messaging app can cause. Those little red circles with numbers in them might look cool and might indicate that they are popular, but to many others it is an indicator that there so many more message to yet go through. Once more, Reach comes to the rescue as it considerably reduces the notifications that many times are the result of chatter that cause serious time waste to look through them to make sure that nothing important has been ignored.

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To conclude, message everyone comfortably at the same time, use Reach! Protect your contacts, use Reach! Increase recipients reply rate, use Reach! Reduce scrolling and too much chatter, use Reach! Reduce red notifications, use Reach! Basically, simplify your life, use Reach! Reach everyone easily and orderly, use Reach! Reach, thats it!