A Group Messaging iPhone App for Busy Leaders

My mother-in-law, Ruth, meets with about forty women regularly every month. At the end of each year, she plans a big event at a banquet hall and gives an opportunity for the regular forty women, who attend all year long, to invite their female friends, mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, etc to reach out, meet other women, learn about them and their needs, and establish new and strong long term friendships. At the big events every year, an average of one hundred women show up.

Back in the day, when mobile phones were a dream to the individual, Ruth would sit by the phone and reach every single lady by a phone call. Many times, the conversations turned in to unnecessary chatter which stole valuable time to finish the tedious task. The phone call was simply a reminder of the time and place of the meeting; a conversation which shouldn't take more than a minute. Maybe I forgot to mention that my wife’s family is from the Middle East, where short and to the point conversations can be offensive.

Fast forward to the present time, my mother-in-law has an iPhone now, where she had opened a WhatsApp group to reach the ladies by message. It has been a challenge though! How? Well, it doesn’t really stop the unnecessary chatter! She always has a contact who, perhaps without paying much attention, steers the convo away and shares grandchildren photos and of the such. This makes it hard on a busy woman, the leader of the group, and the mother of five, to keep on scrolling through these extra messages to count the rsvp’s, or try to find a question a lady had. Not to mention, the notifications that keep on increasing and it becomes annoying to look through!

My mother-in-law is a busy leader who wants to get the message out, fast and clean. Luckily, we have found the perfect app for her! It’s a new group messaging app for the iPhone and its called Reach! With Reach, she creates a group adding the forty women who regularly attend the gatherings, then writes her message once, and sends to all of them! The special thing about Reach is that the messages will reach their recipients by name, individually. This way her contacts are protected from being exposed, chatter is avoided, and with a few clicks her message is personalized, honoring the person receiving it. She has no need for phone calls, too much chatter and notifications, or to scroll up and down to count rsvp’s. Reach uses her native iMessage app, which means if the ladies don’t have the app or an iPhone, they can still receive the message to their desired platform, such as WhatsApp, Google Voice, iMessage, Text Message, and even email.

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Reach is the best group messaging app for those who are busy and just want to get on with it. Since launched, it has been saving hundreds of users countless valuable time.