8 iPhone Apps for Group Messaging

So, you have all heard about the famous group texting apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Snap Chat, etc.. But what about the just-as-good-and-useful-but-less-famous-apps? DON’T WORRY! You don’t have to look them up yourself. We have researched them and picked the best 8 of them:

1. Tango

Use Tango to keep in touch with you favorite people for FREE. You can send text, photos, videos, stickers, etc to an individual or to a group. It connects through your phone number, but the down side is that the person or people that you want to reach must be signed in at the same time in order to reach them.

2. Reach

What happens when you create a group message for an event invite? Few people reply, your contacts info gets exposed, you have to keep scrolling, and that friend who steers the purpose of your message away. Reach increases replies, keeps contacts info private, skips scrolling and distractions, personalizes your message individually and sends it to your recipients’ favorite platform all at the same time. Also, Its FREE. Cons? Available for iPhone only, at this point.

3. Text2Group

Use Text2Group to send unlimited text messages including photo and video attachments to contact groups. One of their cool features is that you can choose all your contacts with one tap to send a large group message, BUT its subscription base which makes things a little too complicated. Reach App #2, has a very similar functionality without the subscription.

4. Groups

It is unique for its extra social events and what-are-your-friends-up-to features, which makes it easy to communicate with them, especially with the ability to organize them into categories. Groups works with your native contacts and phone capabilities, so the developers say that its completely private. It’s FREE, with available in app purchases. It is available only for iPhones and iPads.

5. BBM

This app offers the WhatsApp generic concept of group texting. In addition, it also offers the free voice and video calls. BBM too introduces privacy features to keep you in control. A unique feature is the ability to have channels of music, news, etc. Its FREE with available in app purchases.

6. Textfree

This is a cool FREE app that provides you with a real local US phone number so you can text, group chat, or call anyone (landline too), even if the recipient doesn't have the app.. It is very similar to Google Voice in that sense. However, despite offering the real phone number, Textfree still thrives on your data or WIFI connection in order to work.

7. Kik

Mixed feelings when it comes to this FREE app. First, they have a very unique website. Second, it is not connected to your device contacts or your email, or phone number, so you get to choose whatever username you want on it. Lastly, and as a result of what is prior mentioned, the app has been largely misused and abused to the extent that the police has warned about being careful using it.

8. Crew

This one is more business oriented. Crew is a FREE app with an in app available purchases that helps keep the communications between work team members organized. It enables leaders and co-workers stay updated and connected as a group. It helps the work place schedule managed and tuned.